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    Ossipee Valley Lodge #74


    Documents about Our History:

                            A brief History of Ossipee Valley Lodge


    On June 14, 1865, the Grand Master, in his address reported that he had issued his dispensation to Sanborn B. Carter and twelve others, at Center Ossipee, to form Ossipee valley Lodge; that the dispensation would expire on that day; that a charter would be requested.

    The dispensation which is in our archives is dated October 27, 1864. 

    The papers went to the committee on Lodges, from which a favorable report was later presented, recommending that the charter be granted, this being approved by the grand lodge.

    On June 13, 1866 the Grand Master stated that on July 20, 1865 the Lodge was constituted, consecrated, its officers were installed and its hall was dedicated.

    On June 10, 1869 there was before the Grand Lodge a petition signed by John C. Bickford and twenty-six others, seeking permission to move the Lodge to West Ossipee, about five miles distant. This went to the committee on Lodges. The committee recommended that it be done, and the Grand Lodge gave its approval.

    A report made by D.D.G.M, on May 18, 1870, states that the Lodge had been moved "to Moultonville, in the same town."

    In 1909 the Lodge is registered as being located in Mountainview. We find no permission given to move the Lodge and assume that none was necessary.

    Our charter is dated June 14, 1865.

    The Names of the original petitioners, whom we call the charter members, were Sanborn L. Carter, John C. Bickford, John F. Roberts, Edward P. Hodson, Lewman G. Moulton, Frank K. Hobbs, Dearborn Lougee, Alvah Moulton, Hemphrey Scammon, John W. Merrow, Joseph Hodson , Charles L Conner, Woodbury B. Sceggell.