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    To be a Christian Freemason

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    To be a Christian Freemason

    I recently received a comment that asked as follows:

    I have to admit that it is hard for me to understand how you can be a christian and a freemason. I mean , freemasons think that Jesus is just a prophet like muhammad , they think every religion are equal , while a christian believe that Jesus is THE way , THE truth and THE life , that he's God can you explain how you do , 'cause I'd like to understand .
    I'm not a judging person , just curious :))

     It's erroneous to state that every Freemason believes that Jesus was a prophet. Some maybe Buddhists, Jewish, Wiccan, Shinto, Deists, Druid,Muslim, etc...just as there are Christians... Freemasonry does not teach doctrine nor does it have any ministers, priests, or preachers. Freemasonry teaches us to follow the religion that we have chosen, read the bible of that religion, and not let Freemasonry interfere with that personal choice. This is because Freemasonry is not a religion and recognizes the fact that religion is a personal choice.

    The Lodge that I belong to consist of  Christians, every member of it happens to be Christian. This is because of its location in the south where there is a Christian church on every corner and everyone in that town and its surrounding areas happen to be Christian. I'm in the Bible Belt, deep in the Bible Belt in an old country town... Christianity reigns in my town but this is not the case in Lodges further out where the population is more diverse. Lodges in more diverse areas may have Jewish, Buddhists, and Muslims as members but the majority being Christian in this State. But as any individual may befriend one of a different culture, so does those in the Lodge. Diversity plays a big role and the concept that "All men are created equal" is understood and lived by those in the Lodge.

    To say that Freemasons believe in this deity or that deity in an effort to prove that Christians cannot be Freemasons is absurd. It's no different than saying that medical doctors believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and therefore cannot be Christian. It's the same as stating that all those in the military are taught to believe in Odin and that if they die in battle they will earn their passage to Valhalla. It's ridiculous because the institutions do not dictate a belief system. It's left up to the individuals as it is a personal choice.

    I work with a diverse group of different cultures at a University. I work with Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians along with many Atheists and Agnostics being that I work with Medical Researchers/Scientists. They do not dictate my beliefs and I do not dictate their beliefs. In fact religion is never discussed while we work together during the 40 hour work week. We focus on our projects, getting the job done, and future projects that are federally funded through grants.We are all good friends and respect each others culture and we know that our beliefs differ and respect the fact that it is a personal choice. There is no fighting, no hatred, no hard feelings because each of us have a different belief. Our personal choices are kept personal and does not interfere with our professionalism nor our friendship. Diversity is key and keeping in mind that "All men are created equal."

    Being in Lodge is a lot like that... 

    Click Here for the full artical.

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